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I decided to run for office because our current Representative voted to put a stumbling block in our children's path. His voting record proves to me that he represents lobbyists, and it's easily seen that he is out of touch with the community.  Here is a list of bills that Nicholas Smith supported and one that has him listed as not voting when he could have just voted no.

HB 370-Repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion for minors. Repealed.

SB 818- Requires sex ed in k-12 to include teaching LGBTQ definitions and masturbation starting in 3rd grade. Became law.

HB 3195 - Creates all gender multiple occupancy public restrooms. PASSED in the House.

HB 24 - Introduces sixth graders to sexting. Became law.

HB 156 - Puts tampons in boys' bathrooms in public schools. Became law (He entered not voting).

SB 1169 - Removes rights of conscious protection to refuse participation in medical procedures for Covid -19. Became law.

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