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Frederick L. Walls

Frederick L. Walls is a devout follower of Yahusha Mashiyach. He not only is a student of the Word, but a capable and knowledgeable teacher of the Word as well. He is a man that tries very intently to practice what he preaches on a daily basis as we are commanded to not be just hearers of the Word, but doers also.

Frederick L. Walls is a faithful and caring husband. He is a great provider for his family, and he is a fierce protector as well. He is the doting, loving father of 4 children.

If you ask any family member or any co-worker, they would more than likely tell you that Frederick is a man of his word and handles his business affairs with integrity and honesty. He’s straight forward in his conversations and in his dealings with people. He believes in an honest days’ work for an honest days’ pay and his work ethics are impeccable.

Why should you vote for and support Frederick L. Walls?

He believes in what he is fighting for. He believes that politicians should both be seen as well as heard; seen doing the work that they were elected to do and heard crying out loud for the voices that are being muffled. He also believes that parents are the protectors, providers, and educators for their own children, and they should be able to do so WITHOUT government interference.

He believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage: one man and his bride; he believes that life begins in the womb at the moment of conception and that THAT life is just as precious as it is when it comes out of the womb.

He believes in order for society to have peace and wellness, there must be law and order. For that reason, he stands with the men and women who wear the black and blue and risk their own lives daily so that the citizens in our communities can be safe and enjoy life in and outside of our homes.

As he is a carpenter for 15 years, although a firm conservative, he stands with private unions because he is a direct recipient of the much needed and well deserved benefits it guarantees for its’ members. It is part of his mission to show how being both a conservative minded man and a union worker can work out for the benefit of all.

Any other questions, please feel free to inquire.

Elohim bless you and Thank you.

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